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Mildred Baena's Net Worth
May 1, 2024

Mildred Baena’s Introduction

Mildred Although Patricia Baena’s heritage is in Guatemala,she was born in the United States on March 1,1961. Most of the details regarding her childhood,parents,and siblings have remained unseen.

For nearly two decades, Mildred was employed by bodybuilder,actor,and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.In 1997,she gave birth to a son who had a striking resemblance to Arnold Schwarzenegger.This resemblance aroused speculation and interest.At some point,Mildred admitted to Maria Shriver,Arnold’s wife, that Schwarzenegger was the father of her kid.This revelation played a significant role in the divorce between Schwarzenegger and Shriver.

Mildred Baena’s Net Worth


Mildred After a lengthy career in housekeeping, Patricia Baena retired with over a million dollars thanks to her labors and extra funding from her child’s father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This financial stability has enabled her to live comfortably with her son.

Despite the contentious circumstances leading to her financial assistance, some constructive settlement has occurred. In the end, Arnold Schwarzenegger acknowledged his responsibility for his conduct, apologized in public to his family and his ex-wife Maria Shriver, as well as to himself for what he had done. In 2010, just before he made it known that he was Mildred’s father, Schwarzenegger bought her and their son, Joseph Baena, a Bakersfield, California, house.  This action demonstrated his commitment to providing for his son and his former employee, despite the difficult past.

W is Mildred hoBaena’s ?

 Mildred Patricia Baena spent more than 20 years working in the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house, well known for “The Terminator.” While working at the company, Schwarzenegger wed Maria Shriver; nevertheless, he and Mildred later had a covert love affair. This affair ultimately resulted in Mildred becoming pregnant and giving birth to Joseph Baena, the son of Schwarzenegger and a former Governor of California. The revelation of their affair and the child they had together became a major source of controversy, leading to significant consequences for everyone involved.

Mildred Baena’s Biography

Mildred Patricia Baena,who goes by “Patty” with her friends,was born in Guatemala on March 1,1961.She spent her 62nd birthday in 2023 with her loved ones by her side.

Before finally relocating to the US,she spent her early years in Guatemala with her family.Due to her Guatemalan citizenship, her mother Evelyn Pena is free to travel back to her own country whenever she wants.While many aspects of Mildred’s early life,such as her schooling,family,and relationships,are still unknown,her life narrative changed dramatically when she moved in with the Schwarzenegger family.

For more than twenty years, Mildred worked as a housekeeper and helper at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood residence.January 2011 saw her retirement.The information


Full NameMildred Patricia Baena
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1961
Place of BirthGuatemala
Age62 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignPisces
ParentsEvelyn Pena
SiblingsMiriam Pena
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusIn a relationship
PartnerAlex Aguilar
ChildrenJoseph Baena, Jackie Rozo
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorDark brown
Famous ForBeing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s housekeeper

Mildred Baena’s Education

Mildred Patricia Baena’s academic history and career are mostly unknown,and there is little information available on her coursework or achievements.She left her birthplace of Guatemala to go to the United States, where she eventually worked as a maid in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house for almost 20 years.It is unclear where she attended school or what level of education she acquired, and there is no record of any degrees or certificates she may have earned.

Still, Mildred’s professional journey from housekeeper to motivational speaker and writer illustrates a journey of personal development and education.She went from working behind the

scenes to a more visible role,sharing her life story to encourage others,as her connection with Schwarzenegger became well known.Her ability to face adversity and emerge with a positive message underscores that learning can take many forms, with personal growth often coming from the most unexpected experiences.

Mildred Baena’s  Age

Mildred As of 2023,Patricia Baena,who was born on March 1,1961,is 62 years old.Her early years were spent in Guatemala until she moved to the United States,where she would later become well-known because of her relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger.Mildred has faced both public criticism and personal development throughout her life,going through both calmer,more private times as well as high-profile ones.

Her age represents the different stages of her life.She was employed as a housekeeper for wealthy Los Angeles families in her early years.Later,when it became public that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the father of her kid, Joseph Baena,her journey took an unexpected turn.When Mildred made her announcement,she was in her late 40s and suddenly became the focus of attention from the media.

After facing the difficulties of public attention as she entered her 50s,Mildred gradually found her footing in her new world.Accepting a more prominent position,she wrote books and gave motivational speeches,describing her experience with an emphasis on themes of atonement and forgiveness. Her writings and talk show appearances provide light on her perseverance and personal development.Even with the close attention, Mildred’s voyage is

Mildred Baena’s Height

Mildred Patricia Baena weighs around eighty-two kilos, or 181 pounds, and is five feet five inches, or roughly 165 cm, tall. Because of the controversy surrounding her relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mildred has had a significant influence on everyone around her despite having an ordinary figure.

Her size and physical characteristics made her a great fit for her job as a cleaner, which usually required stamina and hard effort. But when Mildred’s connection with Schwarzenegger was made public, the media went into overdrive, focusing on every detail of her life—including her appearance. However, her height and weight are just two facets of her character.

Mildred Baena’s Personal life

Mildred Patricia Baena, often known as Patty, has had an extraordinary life filled with controversy and perseverance. Her family was close, thus she spent her early years in Guatemala before moving to the US on March 1, 1961. Despite her worldwide fame stemming from her relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger, she has remained rather private about her personal life. Before retiring in 2011, Mildred worked for the Schwarzenegger family for more than 20 years, starting her career as a cleaner.

Mildred has had a number of challenges in her private life.Jackie Rozo was the daughter she had with Rogelio de Jesus in a previous marriage. But they divorced, and Mildred went on to find love elsewhere. She later moved into a house in Bakersfield, California, which Schwarzenegger purchased for her and Joseph. Schwarzenegger also took responsibility by providing support for Mildred and their son.

Mildred Since then, Patricia Baena has used her experience to spread forgiveness and atonement. She has moved into a new job as a motivational speaker and has shared her life story in two published books. In spite of criticism, Mildred has persisted, proving that it is possible to go through adversity and create a happy life for oneself and one’s family.

Mildred Baena’s Family

Mildred Evelyn Pena is Patricia Baena’s mother, but nothing is known about her father or any potential siblings. Most of the information about her family history is kept secret.In her private life, Mildred was first married to Rogelio de Jesus; however, the union was short-lived and terminated in divorce. She then fell in love once more and wed Alex Aguilar, with whom she is still dating.

Jackie Rozo, Mildred’s daughter from her marriage to Rogelio de Jesus, and Joseph Baena, her son with Arnold Schwarzenegger, are her two children.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joseph’s father, is a well-known public personality in Austria and the United States. He became well-known as an actor, particularly for his parts in big-budget action films, and then entered politics.

Mildred Baena’s Career

Mildred Patricia Baena was a former cleaner who rose to fame when word leaked out about her liaison with Arnold Schwarzenegger.Her journey is a gripping account of controversy,development,and finally atonement.What appeared to be an unremarkable profession at first became a well publicized tale with global reach.

After completing her high school education,Mildred began her job as a maid for many affluent Los Angeles homes. She eventually accepted a job working for Arnold Schwarzenegger,a role she held for more than 20 years.She had a covert relationship during this period with Schwarzenegger,who was wed to Maria Shriver.Joseph Baena,her son, was born as a result of the affair,which lasted from 1996 until 2011.Schwarzenegger did not,however,formally recognize Joseph as

Mildred Baena’s  Relationship

Mildred Over the course of her more than 20 years of employment with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patricia Baena developed feelings for him.She eventually spoke out to Schwarzenegger about her feelings, and the two began an illicit relationship that gave birth to their son, Joseph Baena.

Mildred decided not to reveal Joseph’s paternity to Schwarzenegger until the child was older.She requested for a divorce from her ex-husband, Rodrigo Baena, while maintaining secrecy.Before Schwarzenegger made the public revelation in 2010 that Joseph was his son, Mildred purchased a brand-new, lavish home in Los Angeles.

Joseph’s uncanny likeness to Schwarzenegger began to raise questions in the eyes of Maria Shriver,his first wife whom he married in 1986.After a while,Mildred lost the will to maintain the

façade and sobbed as she admitted to Shriver that Joseph was,in fact,Arnold’s son.When Schwarzenegger revealed the information to the public in 2011, Shriver felt utterly deceived and eventually filed for divorce.

In reaction to the uproar,Schwarzenegger took ownership of his behavior and offered assistance to Mildred and their kid.He even made sure Joseph’s schooling was paid for and purchased her a home in Bakersfield, California. Despite the public scandal and emotional turmoil,Mildred moved forward,focusing on her family and building a new chapter.


Birth and Early Life: Mildred Patricia Baena was born on March 1, 1961, in the United States but has Guatemalan heritage. Most details about her early life, including information about her parents, childhood, and siblings, are not publicly available.

Connection with Arnold Schwarzenegger: Mildred worked for Arnold Schwarzenegger as a housekeeper for over 20 years. She gained international attention when it was revealed that she had an affair with Schwarzenegger, resulting in the birth of their son, Joseph Baena, in 1997.

Scandal and Divorce: The revelation of Joseph Baena’s paternity in 2011 led to significant controversy and public scrutiny. This disclosure contributed to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s divorce from his wife, Maria Shriver.

Net Worth: After a long career in housekeeping, Mildred Patricia Baena retired with over a million dollars, thanks to her earnings and additional financial support from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her net worth allows her to live comfortably with her son.

Career Transition: Following the public scandal, Mildred transformed her life by becoming a motivational speaker and author, sharing her experiences and focusing on themes of forgiveness and redemption.


Mildred Patricia Baena, also known as Patty, was born in 1961 in the United States with Guatemalan roots. She spent over 20 years working as a housekeeper for Arnold Schwarzenegger, during which time they had a secret romantic relationship. This relationship resulted in the birth of her son, Joseph Baena, in 1997. The scandal surrounding this affair led to significant public attention and contributed to the eventual divorce between Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver.

After retiring from her housekeeping career, Mildred used her experiences to transition into a new role as a motivational speaker and author. Despite the public scrutiny and challenges, she has demonstrated resilience and has built a comfortable life for herself and her son. Her net worth, exceeding a million dollars, was partly supported by Schwarzenegger, who purchased a house in Bakersfield, California, for her and their son.


What is Mildred Baena’s net worth?

Mildred Baena’s net worth is estimated to be over one million dollars. This comes from her long career as a housekeeper and additional financial support from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How did Mildred Baena gain public attention?

Mildred Baena gained public attention when it was revealed that she had an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger, resulting in the birth of their son, Joseph Baena. This revelation led to significant controversy and contributed to Schwarzenegger’s divorce from Maria Shriver.

What is Mildred Baena’s career now?

After retiring from her role as a housekeeper, Mildred Baena became a motivational speaker and author, sharing her experiences and focusing on themes of forgiveness and redemption.

What is the connection between Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Mildred Baena worked as a housekeeper for Arnold Schwarzenegger for over 20 years. They had a secret affair, which resulted in the birth of their son, Joseph Baena, in 1997. This affair contributed to the divorce between Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Despite the controversy, Schwarzenegger acknowledged Joseph as his son and has provided financial support to Mildred and Joseph.

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