Jim Skrip (Vanessa Williams Husband): Bio, Age, Career, Love Story, Family, And Life’s Simple Pleasures

Jim Skrip (Vanessa Williams Husband): Bio, Age, Career, Love Story, Family, And Life's Simple Pleasures
May 27, 2024

Jim Skrip has made a name for himself in the realms of real estate, business, and accounting, all rooted in his home country, the United States. However, it’s perhaps his connection with the talented Vanessa Williams that brought him into the public eye. Vanessa, with her multifaceted career as a dancer, singer, producer, and actress, has undoubtedly cast a bright spotlight on their union.

Vanessa Williams is celebrated for her captivating performances in a range of productions, including notable roles in Ugly Betty (2006—2010), Eraser (1996), and Shaft (2000). In 2015, Jim and Vanessa exchanged vows, marking a milestone moment in their journey together. Yet, before her marriage with Jim, Vanessa had embarked on a marital journey with Ulrich Alexander Fox, their partnership spanning from 1996 to 2005.

Their story is not just one of love and partnership but also of individuals carving out their paths in their respective fields, enriching each other’s lives along the way. Through their shared endeavors and individual achievements, Jim Skrip and Vanessa Williams continue to inspire many with their resilience, talent, and enduring bond.

Profile Summary Of Jim Skrip

Full/Real name Jim Skrip
Nick/Popular nameJim Skrip
Birth date 1 January 1960
BirthplaceBuffalo, New York, United States
Current ResidenceDepew, Buffalo, New York, United States
Age (As of 2024)64 years old
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Ethnicity White
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherFredrick Skrip
MotherAnnette J. Skrip
Siblings2Martin, Michael
Marital statusMarried
SpouseVanessa Williams (m. 2015)
ChildrenSasha Gabriella Fox, Jillia, Melanie, Devin Hervey
Famous ForBeing the Vanessa Williams’ husband
EducationSt. Bonaventure University
ProfessionReal estate agent, entrepreneur, accountant
Net Worth$10 million

Jim Skrip Age, Parents, And Siblings

Jim Skrip Age, Parents, And Siblings
Google has well-covered about Jim Skrip.

Jim Skrip, a native of Depew, Buffalo, New York, entered the world on January 1, 1960, under the steadfast influence of the Capricorn zodiac sign. As he celebrates 64 years of life in 2024, his journey has been colored by a blend of determination and practicality. While he’s established himself in various endeavors, it’s his role as Vanessa Williams’ husband that often garners attention.

In his formative years, Jim found support and love within the embrace of his parents, Fredrick and Annette J. However, the passing of both his parents, particularly his mother’s departure on February 8, 2011, marked poignant chapters in his life. Despite the void left by their absence, Jim found strength in the companionship of his two brothers, Michael and Martin, forging unbreakable bonds of brotherhood that have sustained him through life’s highs and lows. These experiences have woven a tapestry of resilience and appreciation for familial love, shaping Jim into the grounded and resilient individual admired by many today.

Jim Skrip’s Early Life And Education

Jim Skrip's Early Life And Education

Jim Skrip’s journey began in his hometown of Buffalo, New York, where his fascination with numbers and the dynamics of money ignited at a tender age. This early interest paved the way for his educational pursuits. Upon graduating from high school, Jim embarked on a path to further his understanding of finance by enrolling in college. His destination was St. Bonaventure University, where he immersed himself in the study of accounting, the art of meticulously tracking business finances and numerical intricacies.

Throughout his college years, Jim’s diligence and commitment were evident as he diligently pursued his academic goals. In 1984, his efforts culminated in the attainment of a degree in accounting, a pivotal milestone propelling him into the professional realm. With his newfound qualifications, Jim embarked on his career journey, initially finding himself in the role of an accountant. In this capacity, he lent his expertise to individuals and businesses alike, navigating the intricate landscapes of financial management with precision and dedication.

Although accounting provided a solid foundation, Jim’s professional journey took a significant turn when he discovered his true passion for real estate. His time in academia and his early foray into the professional world imparted invaluable lessons on the importance of hard work and mastery in one’s chosen field. These formative experiences laid the groundwork for Jim’s subsequent successes in the dynamic realm of real estate.

Jim Skrip Height, weight, And Other features

Height5’10” (177cm)
Weight70kg (154lbs)
Eye ColorDark brown
Hair ColorBrown

Jim Skrip stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (177cm) and weighs approximately 70 kilograms (154 pounds). He has dark brown eyes and brown hair. These physical attributes contribute to his overall appearance and presence.

Jim Skrip Career

Jim Skrip Career

After his stint in accounting, Jim Skrip stumbled upon his true calling: real estate. Intrigued by the prospect of facilitating the dreams of homeownership, Jim transitioned seamlessly into this dynamic field. Drawing on the knowledge gleaned from his earlier experiences with numbers and finances, he embarked on a journey of buying, renovating, and selling houses.

Jim’s innate ability to transform ordinary houses into havens of beauty and functionality earned him widespread acclaim. His keen eye for potential in seemingly dilapidated properties captured the admiration of many, attracting a growing clientele seeking his expertise in navigating the real estate market. Through unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, Jim honed his skills, continually striving to exceed expectations and deliver unparalleled service to his clients.

His ascent to prominence in the realm of real estate was fueled not only by his acumen in identifying market trends but also by his innate ability to empathize with the needs and desires of his clients. Jim’s success story is a testament to the power of leveraging one’s knowledge, perpetually expanding one’s horizons, and, above all, fostering meaningful connections by guiding others toward their ideal homes.

Jim Skrip Marriage

Jim Skrip Marriage

Williams and Skrip embarked on their marital journey on July 4, 2015, exchanging vows in the picturesque setting of Buffalo, New York—an intentional choice reflecting the significance of the locale to the couple. Vanessa Williams shared with PEOPLE the sentimental story behind her engagement ring, a dazzling piece personally designed by Skrip and procured from a local jeweler in Buffalo named Bomi.

For the couple, their wedding day wasn’t just a celebration of love but also a homage to the place where their romance blossomed—Egypt. Infusing their special day with an Egyptian theme, the venue was adorned with opulent gold and ivory tents, enchanting Moroccan lanterns, and vibrant blooms, creating a captivating atmosphere straight out of a fairy tale.

Vanessa donned two exquisite custom wedding dresses for the occasion, each a testament to her unique style and the theme of the event. Crafted by Carmen Marc Valvo, one gown boasted intricate gold leather petals, evoking the regal allure of an Egyptian goddess—a vision perfectly aligned with the couple’s chosen theme and the magic of their love story.

Jim Skrip Has Been Married Before

Jim Skrip Has Been Married Before

Skrip holds the distinction of being Vanessa Williams’ third husband, with her previous marriages to Ramon Hervey II and Rick Fox. Similarly, Skrip has walked down the aisle before, marking this union as a significant chapter in both of their lives.

During a candid moment on Live with Regis and Kelly in 2016, Williams shed light on the intricacies of their journey, revealing the need for a second wedding ceremony due to Skrip’s ongoing annulment process. Their decision to commemorate their first anniversary with a traditional Catholic ceremony on May 30, 2016, underscored their commitment to each other and their faith.

For this special occasion, Williams radiated elegance in a Pamella Roland dress accentuated by a delicate pink sash, her hair styled in a chic loose chignon. Sharing their joyous moment on social media, Williams captured the essence of their love and devotion, expressing gratitude for their newfound union as they embarked on this sacred journey together.

Jim Skrip Is A Supportive Partner

Jim Skrip Is A Supportive Partner

Skrip’s unwavering support for his wife shines through in his heartfelt words and actions. Reflecting on their wedding day in a 2015 interview with PEOPLE, he expressed sheer bliss at the sight of Vanessa walking down the aisle. His focus wasn’t on the intricacies of her dress but rather on the profound connection they shared in that moment of pure happiness and joy. Skrip’s admiration for his wife’s elegance and beauty, encapsulated by her sleek and simple attire, spoke volumes about his deep appreciation for her essence.

In a candid conversation with Glamour the same year, Vanessa Williams opened up about the qualities that drew her to Skrip, emphasizing his supportive nature. Recognizing him as a pillar of strength and a positive influence, she highlighted his role as a solid role model for her daughter and a reliable partner in both her personal and professional endeavors. Skrip’s unwavering commitment to supporting Vanessa in all aspects of her life underscores the strength of their bond and the foundation of mutual respect and understanding upon which their relationship thrives.

Jim Skrip Children

Jim Skrip is a devoted father who cherishes his family deeply. Upon marrying Vanessa Williams, he embraced not only his wife but also her children from previous relationships, demonstrating immense love and care for them. While there are no specific details about Jim having biological children of his own, his dedication to family time and his role as a supportive stepfather are evident.

Together, Jim and Vanessa, alongside their children, share countless moments of joy and togetherness. Whether embarking on trips, celebrating holidays, or simply relishing in the beauty of everyday life, they navigate their journey as a cohesive unit. Jim’s unwavering commitment to parenthood, both as a biological parent and a step-parent, underscores his belief in the importance of fostering strong family bonds. He treats Vanessa’s children with utmost kindness and affection, embodying the values of love and compassion in every interaction. Through his actions, Jim contributes to a family dynamic filled with warmth, happiness, and a profound sense of belonging.

Is Jim Skrip still Married To Vanessa Williams?

Is Jim Skrip still Married To Vanessa Williams?

Yes, Jim Skrip and Vanessa Williams are still happily married and reside together in New York, USA. Their love story began when they crossed paths during Vanessa’s trip to Egypt in 2013, leading to their engagement a year later. They exchanged vows on July 4, 2015, in a heartfelt ceremony at St. Stanislaus Church in Buffalo, New York.

Jim embraced his role as a stepfather to Vanessa’s children, Sasha Gabriella Fox, Jillia, Melanie, and Devin Hervey, following their marriage. These children are from Vanessa’s previous marriages to Ramon Hervey II and Rick Fox. Despite the complexities of blending families, Jim and Vanessa have navigated their journey together with love, respect, and dedication, creating a harmonious and loving home for their family.

Jim Skrip Hobbies

TravelingJim loves to explore new places worldwide. His favorite trip was to Egypt, where he met Vanessa.
Fixing up housesEven outside of work, Jim enjoys taking old houses and making them look new and beautiful again.
Playing golfOn sunny days, you can find Jim on the golf course, trying to improve his game.
Reading books about historyJim is fascinated by the past. He spends lots of time reading stories about ancient times and how people lived.
CookingJim likes to try cooking different foods, especially recipes he learns from the places he visits.
Spending time with familyThe most important thing for Jim is his family. He loves doing things together, like going for walks or watching movies.

Jim Skrip’s hobbies reflect his diverse interests and passions. He finds joy in exploring new destinations worldwide, with a particularly fond memory of his trip to Egypt, where he met his wife Vanessa. Outside of travel, Jim enjoys renovating old houses, rejuvenating them to their former glory. Golfing is another pastime he indulges in, especially on sunny days, striving to enhance his skills on the course.

His fascination with history is evident in his penchant for reading books about ancient times and civilizations. Additionally, Jim delights in culinary experimentation, often trying out new recipes inspired by his travels. However, above all, spending quality time with his family holds the utmost importance for Jim, cherishing moments together through various activities like leisurely walks and movie nights.

Jim Skrip Controversies

Jim Skrip is widely recognized for his kindness and diligent work ethic, both in his professional endeavors and personal relationships. Throughout his life, he has consciously steered clear of major controversies or scandals, preferring to lead a life free from unnecessary drama.

As the spouse of a prominent figure like Vanessa Williams, public curiosity often extends to their private affairs. However, Jim and Vanessa have taken deliberate measures to safeguard their family life from excessive scrutiny, prioritizing peace and tranquility within their home.

Thanks to their strategic approach to maintaining privacy, there’s little chatter surrounding Jim’s involvement in any controversies. He remains dedicated to his real estate career, cherishing quality time with his family, and indulging in his hobbies. Jim’s lifestyle serves as a testament to the notion that success and popularity can be achieved without being embroiled in public scandals or controversies.

What Is Jim Skrip’s Net Worth?

What Is Jim Skrip's Net Worth?

Jim Skrip’s net worth stands at an impressive $10 million, attributing his wealth to his ventures in business and accounting. On the other hand, his wife, known for her versatile talents in dancing, singing, producing, and acting, boasts a substantial net worth estimated at $20 million.

The dynamic duo’s combined earnings underscore their contributions to their respective fields, showcasing a diverse range of skills and accomplishments. While Jim has carved a path through the realms of business and finance, Vanessa’s multifaceted career has seen her excel in the spotlight of entertainment. Together, their financial success reflects years of hard work, dedication, and pursuit of their passions, serving as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals striving for excellence in their chosen endeavors.

Jim Skrip Social Media Presence

Jim Skrip Social Media Presence

Jim Skrip maintains a rather low-key presence on social media, preferring to keep his personal life out of the digital spotlight. Unlike many public figures, Jim opts for a more private approach, choosing not to share much of his thoughts or activities online. While his wife, Vanessa Williams, engages actively on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Jim tends to steer clear of the social media frenzy.

Occasionally, you may stumble upon a few snapshots of Jim on Vanessa’s social media accounts, particularly during significant family events or vacations they embark on together. However, if you’re hoping to follow Jim directly for glimpses into his daily life or real estate insights, you might find little to no content.

Jim values the sanctity of his personal and professional spheres, reserving them for himself, his family, and close friends. This deliberate choice adds an air of mystery and privacy to his life, contrasting with the constant online sharing prevalent among many individuals today.


Jim Skrip, a native of Buffalo, New York, embarked on a journey defined by diligence and a knack for numbers, leading him to a successful career in accounting and later, real estate. His passion for transforming houses and helping others find their perfect homes paved the way for his prominence in the industry. However, it was his union with Vanessa Williams, the acclaimed actress and singer, that brought him further into the public eye. Their love story, which began during a serendipitous encounter on a Nile River cruise in Egypt, culminated in a heartfelt wedding ceremony on July 4, 2015, in Buffalo.

Despite the glitz and glamour surrounding his wife’s fame, Jim maintains a humble and private demeanor, preferring to keep his personal life out of the public eye. He approaches his role as a stepfather to Vanessa’s children from previous marriages with love and dedication, nurturing strong family bonds. Jim’s commitment to his family extends to his desire for privacy, reflected in his limited presence on social media and his avoidance of controversies.

While Vanessa shines in the spotlight of Hollywood, Jim finds fulfillment in his real estate career and the joys of family life. Their partnership is marked by mutual support, shared values, and a commitment to nurturing a peaceful and loving home. Jim’s journey underscores the possibility of achieving success and contentment without sacrificing privacy or getting entangled in public scandals.

People Also ask (FAQs)

1. What does Jim Skrip do for a living?

Jim Skrip works as an accountant.

2. did Vanessa Williams meet Jim Skrip?

Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip met while on vacation in Egypt. They first crossed paths on a Nile River cruise. As Vanessa shared with Madame Noire in 2015, “I wasn’t looking for anything.”

3. What is Vanessa Williams’ ethnicity?

Vanessa Williams was raised in Millwood, New York. She has a diverse heritage that includes African-American ancestry from her paternal great-great-grandfather, William Fields, who was a legislator in the Tennessee House of Representatives. She also has English and Welsh descent.

4. Did Vanessa Williams change her name?

Due to Screen Actors Guild rules preventing duplicate stage names, Vanessa Williams occasionally used the name “Vanessa L. Williams” in acting credits. This was because Vanessa Estelle had registered the name “Vanessa Williams” first.

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