George Foreman Net Worth: Biography, Age, Personal Life, Career, Children & More details

george foreman net worth
May 11, 2024

American popular previous expert fighter and business visionary George Foreman was brought into the world in Marshall, Texas on January 10 1949. Find insights concerning George Foreman’s age mate level weight calling family pictures life story from there the sky is the limit. Learn about George Foreman’s significant triumphs and achievements.

American well known previous expert fighter and business person George Foreman was brought into the world in Marshall Texas on January 10 1949. Find insights regarding George Foreman’s age mate level weight calling family pictures history and the sky is the limit from there. Learn about George Foreman’s significant triumphs and achievements.

George Foreman Net Worth

With a $300 million net worth George Foreman is a retired American boxer and a tremendously successful entrepreneur. George Foreman is an incredible example of accomplishment and tenacity. He is a born-again Christian missionary two-time world heavyweight boxing champion Olympic gold medallist, and multimillionaire businessman.

George has the total assets of a champion, yet you’d be shocked to figure out how little of his fortune really comes from boxing. As a matter of fact, subsequent to turning proficient in 1969 and piling up a great profession of 76 successes out of 81 battles, by the 1980s, Foreman had a moderately little total assets of $5 million at the pinnacle of his boxing vocation. Luckily, because of an exceptionally famous barbecue that bears his name, Foreman is an extremely well off man today. More subtleties on this barbecue and George’s sovereignties show up later in the article.

George Foreman Biography

George Edward Foreman was born in Marshall City Texas on January 10 1949. His upbringing wasn’t easy being raised by his stepfather JD Foreman after his mom’s divorce from his biological dad. George faced tough times and left high school at just fifteen. Seeking a new start he headed to Pleasanton, California, where he found his calling in boxing.

At twenty, George was ready to take on the world in the ring. He represented Team USA at the 1968 Mexico Olympics, where he clinched his first gold medal by defeating Russian boxer Jonas Cepulis. George’s journey to success didn’t stop there. He kicked off his amateur career with a bang, winning his debut fight at the Diamond Tournament in 1967. The following year, he added more victories to his belt, triumphing at the Las Vegas Golden Gloves after defeating Thomas Cook.

George’s supremacy in the ring persisted in 1968 as he won heavyweight titles from the AAU and San Francisco. George finished his amateur career with an outstanding record of 22 victories out of 26 matches, despite facing tough opponents. His early successes prepared the ground for his extraordinary future career.

George Foreman Childhood

George Edward Foreman came into this world on a chilly January 10th 1949 right in Marshall Texas. Growing up he had his mom and his stepdad J.D. Foreman by his side. His mom had tied the knot with J.D. after George was born and he became a big part of George’s life.

However, George’s young life wasn’t all going great. Inconvenience appeared to find him generally. When he hit 15 he wound up out of school got up to speed in a hurricane of underhandedness and scratches with the law. Road battles and conflicts with packs turned into intimately acquainted to him.


Full NameGeorge Edward Foreman
Date of BirthJanuary 10, 1949
Place of BirthMarshall, Texas
Age71 years old
Height6 feet 4 inches
WeightApproximately 118 kilograms
Family– Mother: Not mentioned – Stepfather: J.D. Foreman
– Spouse: Mary Joan Martelly (married in 1985)
– Previous Marriages: Adrienne Calhoun (1971-1974), Cynthia Lewis (1977-1979), Sharon Goodson (1981-1982), Andrea Skeete (1982-1985)
– Children: 12 (5 sons – George Jr., George III, George IV, George V, George VI; 5 daughters – Natalia, Leola, Michi, Freeda, Georgetta; 2 adopted – Isabella Brandie Lilja, Courtney Isaac)
Career– Professional Boxer
– Olympic Gold Medalist (1968)
– Two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion
– Entrepreneur (George Foreman Grill)
Net Worth$300 million
Significant Achievements– Undefeated record of 37 wins out of 37 fights
– Defeated Joe Frazier for the Heavyweight Title in 1973
– Oldest Heavyweight Champion at age 45 in 1994
– Business success with the George Foreman Grill
Personal Life– Born-again Christian missionary
– Minister
– Author
– TV Personality
Real Estate– The Foreman Farm in Huffman, Texas (300-acre estate with a mansion)
– Car Collection: 40 luxury and sports cars (including Ford GT, Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Diablo)
Social Media– Followers: Over 400,000 on various platforms

George Foreman Age

George Foreman the legendary boxer born on January 10, 1949 has seen his fair share of battles inside and outside the ring. At 71 years old he’s not just a former heavyweight champ but also a man of many talents. When he’s not throwing punches you might find him spreading words of wisdom as a minister sharing his experiences through his books or cooking up success as an entrepreneur. It’s remarkable how he’s transitioned from the intense world of boxing to making a mark in various other fields.

George Foreman Height & Weight

George Foreman, a transcending figure in both the boxing ring and the culinary world, remains at a great 6 feet 4 inches tall and conveys a profound presence of 118 kilograms. Known for his actual height as well as for his imposing boxing ability, Foreman’s profession saw him overwhelm the heavyweight division during the 1970s, coming full circle in bringing home the World Heavyweight Title two times. Past boxing, Foreman’s enterprising soul drove him to make the well known George Foreman Barbecue, a kitchen machine that has become inseparable from solid cooking around the world. Notwithstanding his retirement from proficient boxing, Foreman’s heritage keeps on posing a potential threat, both in the donning field and on kitchen ledges all over the planet.

George Foreman Personal life

Back in 1985, Foreman tied the knot with Mary Joan. But before finding lasting love, he journeyed through a few relationships, adding up to four marriages in total. Adrienna Calhoun was his first wife, way back from 1971 to 1974. Then came Cynthia Lewis from 1977 to 1979, followed by Sharon Goodson in 1981, but that only lasted till 1982. Finally, he was with Andrea Skeete until he walked down the aisle with Mary Joan in 1985.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting – he’s got a dozen kids altogether! And what’s unique is that all five of his sons go by George Edward Foreman, carrying on the family tradition, while his daughters have George as a middle name. It’s like he’s building a dynasty of Georges!

George Foreman Wife

Of course! The fighter secured the bunch a sum of multiple times. First he was hitched to Adrienne Calhoun from 1971 to 1974. Then, at that point, he strolled down the walkway with Cynthia Lewis yet their marriage endured from 1977 to 1979. Following that he traded promises with Sharon Goodson, yet their association just endured from 1981 to 1982. Next up was Andrea Skeete and they were together from 1982 to 1985. At long last he found enduring adoration with Mary Joan Martelly and they’ve been cheerfully hitched beginning around 1985.

George Foreman Career

Beginning his expert confining profession 1969, George Freeman immediately acquired a standing as quite possibly of the fiercest warrior in the ring. He ruled each rival he confronted, bragging a great undefeated record 37 successes out of 37 battles. His highest accomplishment came in 1973 when he crushed heavyweight champion Joe Frazier to guarantee his most memorable heavyweight title. In any case, his unbeaten streak reached a conclusion in 1974 when he confronted Muhammad Ali in the amazing Thunder in the Wilderness, experiencing his most memorable profession misfortune.

Following a loss to Jimmy Youthful in 1977, George encountered a dangerous second in the storage space because of intensity stroke and fatigue. In a snapshot of franticness he went to supplication and tracked down comfort in his recently discovered confidence, driving him to turn into a Christian and seek after a vocation as a priest. He laid out the George Foreman Youth and Public venue in Houston committing himself to helping other people beyond the boxing ring.

Following a very long term break George got back in the game in 1987, resisting assumptions by overcoming considerable rivals like Dwight Muhammad Qawi and Steve Zouski. He planned to recover the heavyweight title yet missed the mark in his 1991 session against Evander Holyfield. Anyway his determination took care of in 1994 when at 45 years old he left a mark on the world by turning into the most established heavyweight champion by overcoming Michael Moorer.

In spite of losing the title to Shannon Briggs in 1996, George Foreman’s heritage in boxing stays unrivaled. Throughout the span of his vocation he won a bewildering 76 out of 81 expert battles solidifying his place as one of the game’s most prominent symbols.

George Foreman Real Estate  & Car Collection

Foreman and his partner Mary Joan are the proud owners of a sprawling 300-acre estate known as The Foreman Farm in Huffman Texas. This magnificent property valued at over $10 million boasts a grand mansion with more than 12,000 square feet of living space featuring six bedrooms ten bathrooms and adorned with memorabilia from Foremans illustrious career alongside stunning artworks.

Nestled within the estate is a picturesque lake stocked with fish, numerous hiking trails and a spacious gazebo for outdoor relaxation. Adding to the opulence there’s a garage housing Foreman’s impressive collection of 40 luxury and sports cars.

In a sensational new development in 2019, a fire desolated Foreman’s carport, containing his valued assortment of 40 extravagance vehicles, including a Portage GT, Ferrari F40, Ferrari 360, Lamborghini Diablo, and Rolls-Royce. Foreman took to web-based entertainment to console everybody that the fire was contained and fortunately, no wounds were accounted for.

George Foreman Children

George Foreman is a proud dad to a big brood of kids: five sons – George Jr., George III (known as “Monk”), George IV (“Big Wheel”), George V (“Red”), and George VI (“Little Joey”) – and five daughters: Natalia, Leola, Michi, Freeda, and Georgetta. Plus, he’s also got two adopted kiddos, Isabella Brandie Lilja and Courtney Isaac.

When it comes to his bank account, George Foreman’s got some serious cash. I mean, the man’s made a fortune from his boxing career and beyond. But these days, he’s all about family time. You’ll catch him hanging out with his crew whenever he’s got a moment to spare. And hey, don’t be surprised if you spot him at church or popping up on TV promoting home goods. George’s keeping busy, that’s for sure!

George Foreman Social Media

George Foreman the legendary boxer is making waves not only in the ring but also on social media platforms like X and Instagram where he has a combined following of over 400,000 fans.

Foreman’s excursion to distinction started with an exceptional gold decoration succeed at the 1968 Olympics, making way for his celebrated boxing vocation which included catching the heavyweight title. In any case, he didn’t stop there Foreman’s pioneering soul drove him to wander into the business world where he made noteworthy progress with the famous George Foreman Barbecue.

Past his wearing and business accomplishments Foreman’s biography is rich with individual achievements including different relationships and twelve youngsters. His magnetism and flexibility have likewise driven him into the domains of business and TV further hardening his status as a multi-gifted symbol.

In summary George Foreman’s impact transcends the boundaries of sports and business earning him recognition and admiration for his remarkable contributions to both arenas.


Birth and Early Life: George Edward Foreman was born on January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas. Raised by his stepfather J.D. Foreman after his mother’s divorce, George faced challenges in his youth, including dropping out of high school at 15.

Boxing Career: Foreman’s boxing journey began in Pleasanton, California, where he found his calling in the sport. He represented Team USA at the 1968 Olympics, winning a gold medal. He turned professional in 1969 and amassed an impressive record of 76 wins out of 81 fights.

Major Achievements: Foreman’s achievements include being a two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, defeating Joe Frazier in 1973 for the title, and reclaiming the title in 1994 at the age of 45, becoming the oldest heavyweight champion.

Entrepreneurial Success: Beyond boxing, Foreman is a successful entrepreneur with a net worth of $300 million. His most notable venture is the George Foreman Grill, which has become synonymous with healthy cooking worldwide.

Personal Life: Foreman is a born-again Christian missionary, minister, author, and TV personality. He has been married multiple times and has 12 children, including five sons named George Edward Foreman, continuing the family tradition.

Real Estate and Car Collection: Foreman owns The Foreman Farm, a 300-acre estate in Huffman, Texas, valued at over $10 million. He also has an impressive collection of 40 luxury and sports cars.

Social Media Presence: Foreman is active on social media platforms like X and Instagram, where he has a combined following of over 400,000 fans.


George Foreman, born on January 10, 1949, in Marshall, Texas, is not just a former heavyweight boxing champion but also a successful entrepreneur, author, and minister. Despite facing challenges in his youth, Foreman found his passion for boxing and went on to achieve remarkable success in the sport, including winning Olympic gold and multiple world titles. Beyond boxing, he has made a significant impact in the business world with the George Foreman Grill, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen. Foreman’s personal life is marked by multiple marriages and a large family, demonstrating his commitment to both personal and professional endeavors.


What is George Foreman’s net worth?

George Foreman has a net worth of $300 million, primarily accumulated through his boxing career and successful ventures as an entrepreneur.

How many children does George Foreman have?

George Foreman has 12 children, including five sons named George Edward Foreman and five daughters with “George” as a middle name, along with two adopted children.

What is George Foreman’s most famous invention?

George Foreman’s most famous invention is the George Foreman Grill, a kitchen appliance known for its ability to cook healthy meals quickly. It has achieved widespread popularity worldwide.

What are some of George Foreman’s notable boxing achievements?

George Foreman’s notable boxing achievements include winning the Olympic gold medal in 1968, becoming a two-time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, and reclaiming the title at the age of 45, making him the oldest heavyweight champion in history.

Is George Foreman active on social media?

Yes, George Foreman is active on social media platforms like X and Instagram, where he interacts with his fans and shares updates about his life and endeavors.

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